Can ES handle my traffic load?

We are using ES for searching only, our server is AWS, there we have say 3 node/machine , each having its own ES cluster with 1 node only (which is master+data) but they are independent cluster, and we have our own load balancer which will manage the load of search request.

we are expecting a load (at peek time) is 1500-2000 per second
Each machine config are 4 GB RAM and 4 cores.

Is it a good way to go live with ES or we should go with 3 node cluster?

So the 3 nodes have the same data, but you keep them as separate clusters? That seems like a waste, I'd make them all in the one cluster.

Cluster could be a good choice. ES can easily meet 10~20k records/ sec

no we didnt kept it we were planning, but now we are going with 5 node cluster, where 3 will be master+data node and 2 will be client only node for Load Balancing.

master+data node on a 4GB of ram machine is suffice or we need to expand the RAM to 16 GB?

You'll need to test to see what the capacity of those nodes will be.