Can i define fields at _index or at _type level?

Hi guys, I have the following use case:

  1. For a company I need to store all the employees per department. So I am using 1 index for employees and then a separate type for each department. Right now I also have a seperate index "department" where I keep all the info about the departments:
    Employee: {Name, age, etc..}
    Department: {Name, location, population etc..}
    Now Imagine that I need to search for all the employees with a certain hobby and get back the location of the department. I know this is a JOIN case.
    So normally, I have to query the employees first, get back all the matching departments and then query the departments to get back the locations.
    However I was thinking that since, the "department" is the _type, maybe there is a way to define some fields(properties) at _type or _index level which apply for all the docs. Sort of inheritance concept. In this case I ll be able to read the "location" value once I determine all the _types (departments) that match.

You can use parent/child here, where the parent is a department and then the children are the employees.