Can I deploy .elser_model_2_linux-x86_64 model on elasticsearch 8.6.2?

We have an enterprise license and are keen to explore the .elser_model_2_linux-x86_64 model for our use case. Currently, we use easticsearch 8.6.2 version. How can we deploy the elser models for this?

No, you cannot deploy ELSER on 8.6.2.

If you upgrade to 8.8.0 or higher you can install ELSER v1.

If you upgrade to 8.11.0 or higher you can install ELSER v2. To install the Linux x86_64 optimized version of ELSER v2 you still need 8.11.0, but obviously need to be running that on Linux x86_64.

Thank you so much, David.

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