Can I grok out the host field if its not a valid IP? Also, what is the host field?

Not sure how to handle this.

I have this in my index template:
"host": {
"type": "IP"

In logstash I have this:
input {
tcp {
type => "weblogs"
port => "9999"

Now on a production server "host" is always a valid IP address, but if Im running a logstash container locally and sending data to it from the host (my laptop) the "host" field is populated as "gateway" for some reason.

I was thinking about groking out the host field if it is not a valid IP, but then i realized I don't even know how this field gets in there. Is this a field logstash injects? it seems to be. And if its always just the IP or hostname of the server I suppose there is no real value to casting it as an IP anyway.

It's the tcp input that populates the host field. IIRC the hostname is used if available, otherwise you get an IP address.

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