Can I issue an explicit commit?

I read that Elasticsearch is NRT with maybe a second delay after indexing. Is there a way to issue an explicit commit? My use case is that I'm running thousands of saved searches (batch job) that will update documents by tagging them with a particular field value. The searches have a priority order - the outcome of one search will effect the results of the next. Each search may update any number of docs (0 - 1M+). If I have to wait a second between each search that creates hours of wait time.


The feature you seek, with relevant cautions, is documented here

Refresh - I see that now. Does this option cause a commit with each individual update, or can it be called after a batch operation? When loading or updating data I would do it in large batches, 1000 or so at a time. Can it be used without an accompanying doc update?

yes, you can do it on a bulk request (so that it is only done once all documents in the batch have been inserted). There is also a dedicated refresh command.