Can I make Terms Stats Facet show at least "other" count (ideally other stats as well)?

Looks like Terms Stats facet does not compute number of documents that
belong to terms which were dropped due to facet size limit the way terms
facet does. I think it is very important to know if the facet returned all
terms or only some of them without resorting to fetching every term by
setting its size to 0. Ideally I would want to have not only "other count"
but "other sum" etc. It would be really nice to have the same for "missing"
but at least for missing we get count!

Also do I understand correctly that terms total_count is count of document
matching term where value field contributing to the stats is not blank?

It may be I just missed it but is there a section of the docs describing
outputs? In most cases it is self-explanatory but few cases like this would
benefit from clarifications

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