Can I put the label value outside the vertical bar?

Hello in previous versions of kibana it was possible to choose where the bar label would be, but in the current version I'm not able to do that, is there any way to put the label value above the bar and would it be possible to increase the font?


Welcome to our community! We have an issue tracking this request here - [Lens] Display total value on top of each bar in the vertical bar chart · Issue #55262 · elastic/kibana · GitHub ....i'll link them up!

Select vertical bar vizualization, got to panel settings,select show values on chart and you can put values above the bar.
I don't know how to increase font size of values above chart.

Pic for ref_

In the new version of kibana it puts the label inside the bar:


Pls check once the mode in bar chart column in metrics and Axes Tab.

If its stacked mode,values will be inside the bar.Please make it normal.I guess this will solve your issue.Do let me know your elasticsearch version.

Pic-Stacked Mode-

Pic Normal Mode-

unfortunately this doesn't work, as there is this option to place the bars on top of each other, and even with the "normal" option the number appears inside the bar, but thanks for trying to help

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