Can I reuse same visualization for distinct indices? Automatically

Is there any way to populate same saved graph for distinct indices automatically? I want them to use same set of query but for different indices present in two different dashboards.
Also looking for Legend configuration to customize and color code for bars in Kibana?
We need this for readability of graphs....

Hello Saket,

Yes that is possible, you should have the same filds in both the indices.

How to do:

  • Save the visualization you want to reuse witha different name.
  • Now go to Kibana Settings -> Objects -> Visualizations.
  • Search for your visualization then click the coressponding edit (the second last button).
  • A page with json will come up. Edit the index field there, then save it and use.

Hope you find this useful. :thumbsup:

Thanks Pravan!

No problem buddy.

BTW it's Pranav :white_check_mark: