Can i send the json format data to ES 2.4.1 using Filebeat 5.3.1?


I want to send the json format data in the following format to ES using Filebeat;

{"@timestamp": "2017-04-24T11:45:59.936Z", "function": "cli", "linenum": 204, "loglevel": "INFO", "message": "Job completed.", "name": "curator.cli"}
{"@timestamp": "2017-04-24T11:46:19.725Z", "function": "result", "linenum": 64, "loglevel": "ERROR", "message": "Schema error: action must be one of ['alias', 'allocation', 'close', 'cluster_routing', 'create_index', 'delete_indices', 'delete_snapshots', 'forcemerge', 'open', 'replicas', 'restore', 'snapshot'] for dictionary value @ data['action']", "name": "curator.validators.SchemaCheck"}


I want to send the my application logs directly to ES 2.4.1 using FIlebeat 5.3.1 without any manual process ? IS it possible?


filebeat can parse json-log-lines. You should also be able to send logs to ES 2.4.1.

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