Can i set 70% of memory?

Hello Guys...
I have upgraded my elasticsearch specification. Now, it has 8 Cores, 32 GB Memory, 1 TB Data.
Is a must to set these settings -Xms16g and -Xmx16g ?
Could i set those to be -Xms22g and -Xmx22g?
Or should i create the second node with half specifications of them ?
Thank you

Why would you need to do this? Isn't 16gb enough?

Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

Uncomitted messages deleted from journal
Some messages were deleted from the Graylog journal before they could be written to Elasticsearch. Please verify that your Elasticsearch cluster is healthy and fast enough.

I found it 9 hours ago in Graylog2. At least, it's pop up once a day. Before, it was pop up more than 5 times a day. That's why
What's your opinion ?

I don't have opinion on Graylog2. I don't know it.
But I'm not sure that setting the JVM to 70% will solve this in any way.

In your experiences, what do you think if JVM is set to 70% of memory ?
Is it good ?

No as recommendation is at most 50%

Thank you for your time. I got it.

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