Can i survive without replication in elastic search?

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I have gone through several documents but have not found much information on the following :

  1. Can i survive with 0 replica shards ? We have tonnes of data and right now dont have enough infra to replicate the total data. We are ok with reindexing if we have lost some data. That at this point is acceptable. We will have decent size index but will have thousands of index.

  2. If I go ahead with point 1 , if a node goes down , how do i know which how much data is lost and which all index needs to re-indexed.

  3. Other than HQ , any other plugin which helps me with the above things ?

Looking forward to some insights on the above points .

Looks like a copy and paste of

Answers pasted:

  1. be careful with over allocation of shards.

  2. elasticsearch will tell you with _cat/indices which indices are RED.

  3. xpack has a free version

Thanks for replying on both the sites. We had a meeting and i wanted some quick help on it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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