Can I use discovery-ec2 plugin for finding data node?

First I wanted to use discovery-ec2 plugin to find nodes(including non-master-eligible nodes) easily in cluster

but I've just noticed that discovery-ec2 plugin is only for finding master-eligible nodes on ES docs

The discovery-ec2 plugin allows Elasticsearch to find the master-eligible nodes in a cluster running on AWS EC2 

Here was my plan:

  • create new node and add it to cluster using discovery-ec2
  • chance node's role from master-eligible role(which is default setting) to data only

is it possible to create node and connect it to cluster like this? Or is it ideal to set discovery.seed_hosts field, not using discovery-ec2 plugin? I'm going to use this to production level

You don't need to be able to discover new non-master-eligible nodes, you just need the new node to discover the existing master-eligible ones. You can do that with discovery-ec2 or discovery.seed_hosts.

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