Can I use routing only for one index in multi index search?


I have documents split up into 2 indices. Index1 has a custom routing option(with 24 shards in total) while index2 doesn't(with 8 shards in total). When I make a search request, I want to search both the indices but will provide 4 routing strings that should hit 4 shards in index1 but search all shards of index2 with no routing? So, I want to search 12 shards in total, 4 in index1 with routing and 8 in index2 without routing. I will be using the dfs query then fetch to use global tf ids stats. Can I make a single search request to search these 12 shards and apply routing only to index1? If yes, how do I do it? If not, what are the alternative things I can do to make my use case work?


You'd have to issue two queries, there's no way to do it in one.

@warkolm Even if I use two queries, how would I make sure the scoring is uniform across both? Like having a global tf idf score for both queries?

You just can't do it, you need to pick one or the other process.

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