Can I use the aggregation with 'objetc' field?

I know that I can use aggreation with keyword type. But I wanna try to deal with some 'object' type in aggregation way. pls follow below:

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For this 'ddd' index, I build a 'human' object, then I will insert some 'object' like the person1. person2,person3.... person* are also belong to object type. Then I need to analyse every person* 's datas like 'name' and 'age'. ps: Every person object has 'name' and 'age' fields.

How can I use aggregation with 'person*' ?
ps: NOT, person2.age.keyword...
And I have to use person* as 'key' while 'name' and 'age' as 'value', person* are not allowed to be the same level with 'name' and 'age'... cause my boss demanded.

Could someone can help me or explain to me ? I checked the documents and found that the aggregation is not

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