Can I write script for Kibana 4 dashboard?

Is there a way to write a script to directly go to dashboard which contains multiple visualisations?
The script includes making visualisation and attaching it to dashboard. The purpose is to run ELK stack with this script so that end user can see Dashboard directly.

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I believe this enhancement would address your request:

My main objective is to do all operations like making different visualisations, organising into dashboard at backend using some scripting language. So that if I run that script and give end user an url ,he/she should see already built dashboard containing all visualisations(which itself should be built with script).

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Got it. You should be able to accomplish that by building up the URL pointing to the dashboard. If you build a dashboard manually, look at the URL structure -- it contains everything you need to define that dashboard, including the visualizations. However, there we have no formal documentation for the structure of the URL, so you'll have to learn it by inspection.