Can indexing slowlog level be modified in logging.yml?

I am trying to tune how indexing slowlogs are collected. I know that I can set
a threshold
for how long an indexing op on a shard must take before it is logged. I
would also like to be choose what level I'm logging at. It would appear
that modifying this line in
logging.yml would allow me to do this. However, unless I am
misunderstanding the purpose of that setting, it is being ignored by

Here is how I came to that conclusion. I have ElasticSearch 1.3.2 running
locally on my Mac. I these config files in ~/es-config.
This elasticsearch.yml file is bare-bones, as you can see. The logging.yml
file only modifies this line of
the default file. My assumption is that this should mean only WARN level
indexing ops are logged.

However, if I start an ES instance using

elasticsearch --config="/Users/tdhopper/es-config/elasticsearch.yml"

and then run this Python script

import elasticsearch, time
es = elasticsearch.Elasticsearch(hosts="localhost")

while True:
print ".",
es.index(index="index1", doc_type="test_doc", body = {"hot_body": 1})

my ~/es-logs/elasticsearch_index_indexing_slowlog.log file is immediately
filled up with lines like

[2014-08-22 10:24:52,162][INFO ][index.indexing.slowlog.index] [War
Machine] [index1][2] took[1.4ms], took_millis[1], type[test_doc],
id[WH83A0yvRHaQtQ34_6wncg], routing[], source[{"hot_body":1}]
[2014-08-22 10:24:52,666][INFO ][index.indexing.slowlog.index] [War
Machine] [index1][1] took[1.5ms], took_millis[1], type[test_doc],
id[sErCAr3BR_qWVfp0pnayGw], routing[], source[{"hot_body":1}]

That is, INFO level log statements.

Am I misunderstanding the purpose of this setting or is ES ignoring my

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