Can logstash-file-plugin listen to "symlink"?


I'm using the "file" as imput plugin, and I direct it to a path in unix machine.
This path consists of links to log files that reside in other directories.
Can it listen to "symlink"?

Have you tried?
I don't think it will have a problem as long as it have permissions.

Sure, i tried and it didn't work. Meaning, nothing happened in logstash. Didn't get any "event". But if I've added a "real" file to the dir, it works fine.


I am seeing a very similar issue now. I have a directory with symlinks to log files. When logstash starts, it is able to read and follow existing symlinks in the directory that its watching, but logstash fails to pick up/notice new symlinks.

Can someone confirm whether this is a bug or desired behaviour?