Can logstash get the type of field?

I there any way can logstash get the type of field?
for example, "age": 1, "name":"jone'
the age's type is integer, and the jone's type is string.

If you explain what you want to do it'll be easier to help.

OK, below is the problem I met.

so, I want to get the type of the field. for example, there are two different type log but with same field:

then I use filter{ { json { source => "message" } } in logstash.
If the type of "user" is string , I save the value in field "user_name", if not ,save the value in field "user".
Do you have any suggest?

Oh, okay. You need a ruby filter for this. Untested but probably works for Logstash 2.4 and later:

ruby {
  code => "
    if event.include? 'user' && event.get('user').is_a? String
      event.set('user_name', event.get('user'))

Thank you ! I will try

there is no method "set" or "get" for LogStash::Event

I use the below code, and can run success:

ruby {
                code => "
                        if event.include?('user') && event['user'].is_a?(String)

thanks for your help!

Yes, that's what you need in Logstash 2.3 and earlier.