i am new to the ELK stack and i have a few question,

I have case study that consist in collecting logs that can be saved in a database which could then be pulled down by a bot connect to a user to perform several tasks later on. My question is can logstash output to a database as well? if so how can i do this?

secondly i have had issue with my dashboard not showind data statistics, i changed the setup.dashboards.enabled to true after installing the winlogbeat service but still nothing happened.

any help would be very much appreciated ! thank you.

Threre is a third party output that can write to jdbc.

thank you for your reply, is the documentation on this plugin easy to find i would like to find some examples of how to make the connection to the DB?

The link I provided is the documentation of the output. It is not part of the open source product it is a community addition.

To add-on to what @Badger mentioned, logstash-output-jdbc is a community plugin and is not supported by Elastic. You can find the list of supported Logstash plugins in our support matrix.

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