Looking for a well supported jdbc output plugin

I'm relatively new to logstash and am hoping some of you might be able to point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a reasonably well supported jdbc output plugin that works against the latest version of logstash. The only plugin I was able to locate was logstash-output-jdbc and the last PR on github was in 2019. Because of the last PR date and the lack of examples, it has me questioning the viability of this. We want to use logstash as an ETL tool for syncing two databases. If folks think this is a foolish idea, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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I'm using currently logstash like an ETL but i put the data in a noSQL database. If I understood correctly you are not able to use the output plugin?


Hi @David_Levine welcome to the community.

The logstash JDBC input is very popular and well supported.

I am not sure what repo you are looking at but here is the official repo and what I see.


Several PRs closed in the last several weeks including one just closed a couple days ago.

And several of that have just recently been opened in our actively being worked on.

It is also considered a Tier 1 plugin

Which means if you actually even have a commercial license with us logstash and this plugin would fall under that commercial license for technical support as described in the matrix.

Here are the docs and Yes there aren't a ton of examples but I would say go ahead and try it and then ask him questions if you have them.

@David_Levine Well apparently I need to read better... You asked for Output plug-in .. not input oops :slight_smile:

I will leave this here in case anyone looks.

Yes there is no officially supported JDBC output... The exact reason is unclear to me.

If you are syncing two RDBMS systems perhaps there is a better tool / strategy for you.

Syncing transactional databases can be (not always) tricky depending on the requirements that is there some very powerful commercial tools to accomplish that.

And / or there are other open source ETL tools that might be a better fit.

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