Can Metricbeat collect elasticsearch shard size?

Hi experts,

I'm considering use metricbeat to monitor my es cluster and for some reason I care about the shard size of our indices. Seems that Elasticsearch module of metricbeat does not collect such info. Any idea how can monitor on shard size?



I don't think this kind of information is not provided by the module. Maybe you can find relevant information about the indexes in total at

Hi there,

Thanks for the link, it works with index. I also care about the physical size of each shard and I know there is api to retrieve it. But metricbeat seems not collecting it. Or is there something I missed?

Which API call provides this metrics? If there is something that we drop when parsing responses maybe we can add it if it's of interest.


GET /_cat/shards

Turned out I can use http module to call this API.

Nice that you got it using http module!

It seems that Elasticsearch module uses a different endpoint:

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