MetricBeat only sending node* stats to monitoring cluster


Below is my Elasticsearch Beat module config:

  • module: elasticsearch
    • cluster_stats
    • index
    • index_recovery
    • index_summary
    • node
    • node_stats
    • pending_tasks
    • shard
      period: 10s
      hosts: ["localhost:9200"]

But I still don't see any data for other stuff in my monitoring ES cluster, like cluster_stats or shard etc.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @napsterX :slight_smile:

That configuration doens't seem a valid YAML for Metricbeat. Maybe you can try to wrap it under triple sticks `?

In this link you can see the full reference of Metricbeats

Yah, it got reformatted :confused:

Anyways, I actually moved away from MetricBeat, and using ElasticSearch Exporter for reporting metrics now.

Please feel free to close the ticket.


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