Metricbeat Elasticsearchmodule

I am running Metricbeat 6.2.3.
I included Elasticsearch Module inside of it.
Everything is running inside docker container based on:
FROM image

All my other Modules are sending data correctly but Elasticsearch module has problem. I am monitoring ES cluster, that contains 3 ES nodes. Elasticsearch module sends metric for only two nodes out of 3. But that is not all. From 2 nodes for which I can see metrics only one has node and node_stat metrics while second one has only node metrics recorded in corresponding index.
Metricbeat configuration:

> - module: elasticsearch
>   metricsets:
>     - node
>     - node_stats
>   period: 10s
>   hosts: ["elasticsearch:9200"]

If I run: curl <my_ip>:9200/_nodes/?pretty I can see that all 3 nodes works correctly and have corresponding parameters. I also run:
metricbeat -c config.yml -e -d "*" but output was without errors. I can't figure out why is elasticsearch module malfunctioning in this case, while all other modules for metrics collection are working fine?
Thanks for any help.
P.S Is it possible to put service(load balance in front of elasticsearch) name in hosts field and get nodes data?

Could you share the log output of Metricbeat and some of the json documents from Elasticsearch for the the node and node_stats events?

Please try to format you config above with 3 ticks before and after to make it more readable.

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