Can SAP Business Objects be used with Elastic Search


I am not a techie so if this question is incredibly stupid, please forgive me.

I am a management consultant and I have a client that has made the fundamental error of viewing BI as a tool and not a strategy. They have bought SAP BO and now are faced with the problem of actually getting usable data from there ERP and legacy systems (including SAP). They also have unstuctured data. They don't have a data warehouse of any sort. This would therefor have been an ideal situation to implement ElasticSearch on a clean slate if it was not for their SAP BO purchase.

Any advice please.


Gerhard du Plooy

Your question is a little vague.
What do you want to achieve with ES?

Hello Mark.

I want to use ES as:

  • a "data warehouse" as the client currently has no data warehouse; and
  • search engin

for reporting and analysis of both structured and unstructured data.

If the client had not bought SAP BO, I would have suggested KIbana in combination with ES. I am therefor asking if the client can use SAP BO in stead of Kibana with ES as a reporting and analyis solution.

There is no native integration with SAP BO and Elasticsearch and I haven't seen anything around.
I don't know anything about SAP so I can't comment on whether or not this is possible.

Thanks Mark.
Perhaps some-one else may be able to help...?

There is no direct connectivity to SAP BO but I guess you can use any ODBC connetion with BO. Please refer to for using Hive ODBC on ES and for other ODBC. Haven't really tried them both but came across these articles.


Thanks Sanjay