Can some one give real time scenarios on ELK stack?

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Are you asking a question here?

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yes please

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What is the question.

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i would like to know real time issues on kibana.

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What are real time issues?

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Hi Maha,

Are you looking for usecases where the elastic stack is used to monitor data in near real time ?

If so, you should definitively take a look at :

However, you should keep in mind that "real time" is a fairly vague notion, as monitoring geological times is not exactly the same thing as monitoring an IT infrastructure...yet, they are both real time :wink:

Anyhow, you should keep in mind that as of 5.x, a document change become visible after a second. ES6.x will improve things on this side as the elastic{ON} 2017 opening keynote opened with a demo a the elastic stack being used to monitor a dancer's moves.

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