Can synonym analyzer or Fuzzy queries return the token that it got matched to from document?

I am using search-time synonyms in my Index. I am also using fuzzy queries to correct the spelling mistakes of user input in making search.

For example, My Index has a field named Trade which can have value "Plumbing". Now if someone makes a typo and writes "pluming", It matches to Plumbing and returns documents correctly. Since ES returns documents with plumbing and some other trades too, I don't know a way for now to fetch which token it got matched to while returning that document.

Similarly, I have defined multiple synonyms in a file and I want to know which synonym it got matched to while returning a document.

I am using. NEST with .net 6. I have specific requirement to fetch this data but I am not sure if it is feasible and if yes, how to do that. Any pointer is appreciated.

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