Can the elasticsearch-reindex plugin preserve internal search indices?

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Recently, as suggested in this mailing list and the inter-web in several
posts, we used the elasticsearch-reindex plugin to change the number of
Shards for a given large Index, because the Shards for that Index had
become too large.

But after the reindex — we could not search against the new Index.
All of the stored data was transferred properly though.

In essence, all of the "internal search indices" did not transfer from the
old Index to the new.
(The first sign of this was that the new Index was about 1/4 the size of
the old)

I am assuming that I just did this wrong??
Is it possible to reindex from one Index into another, preserving all the
internal search indices??

BTW: it doesn’t seem to matter that whether we had the _source saved or

— Chris

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