Can the sorting order of doc_values arrays be controlled?

As written in the documentation

Doc values are the on-disk data structure, built at document index time, which makes this data access pattern possible. They store the same values as the _source but in a column-oriented fashion that is way more efficient for sorting and aggregations.

I am interested to know in which orderthey are actually stored for each document.

Lets say i have a keyword color and i save a document with the colors [red, green, yellow]

Now i am accessing the keyword color in a script doc["color"]

How do i get the list ? Like i added it [red, green, yellow] ? Do i get it in sorted order ? [green, red, yellow] or is the order non deterministic ?

It's non deterministic because json itself is (not that doc values are stored in json, but it's consistent with the overall approach of Elasticsearch).

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