Can @timestamp be renamed when dumped to elasticsearch? (version 7.8)

Hello friends!

i was hoping to find out if when winlogbeat writes to elasticsearch the field '@timestamp' can be renamed/remapped to something i can get to with javascript when i get the records out.

I located such article
and played with yml file and started and stoped the winlogbeat, but to no avail. Maybe i'm missing something. Please let me know!

As well i would like to find out as this is in version 7.8, why and who thought this would be a great idea to prefix a field name with a '@' sign and to place it in quotes??? And if such person came up with it, why was they not corrected by their peers and we need to remap/rename this field, all the other fields i can get to, but not the most important one of all. please see screens shot. Thank you very much!


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