Can use XPack transporter client to access a basic elasticsearch server


Let's say I have a client application jar and distribute the XPack transporter client jar with this, will I still be able to access a basic elasticsearch server with no x-pack security plug-in?

Is there any limitations regarding using the XPack transporter client jar, like they will only be able to use the client for 30 days trial or something else?


I'd really use the REST Client instead.
Knowing that Transport Client will be deprecated I think it's not a good idea to distribute it.

Time to switch to the REST Client. The High Level REST Client is coming soon.

The REST Client API seems a lot different from the Java Client.

What timeframe are we talking about regarding the High level REST client?

It is different but it tries to reuse most of the objects the Transport Client has been using (Request and Response objects).

The High Level REST Client is published as a SNAPSHOT for now.
But it should be available with the next release of 6.0 and 5.6.

I can't give a date though.

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