Can use XPack transporter client to access a basic elasticsearch server

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Let's say I have a client application jar and distribute the XPack transporter client jar with this, will I still be able to access a basic elasticsearch server with no x-pack security plug-in?

Is there any limitations regarding using the XPack transporter client jar, like they will only be able to use the client for 30 days trial or something else?


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I'd really use the REST Client instead.
Knowing that Transport Client will be deprecated I think it's not a good idea to distribute it.

Time to switch to the REST Client. The High Level REST Client is coming soon.

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The REST Client API seems a lot different from the Java Client.

What timeframe are we talking about regarding the High level REST client?

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It is different but it tries to reuse most of the objects the Transport Client has been using (Request and Response objects).

The High Level REST Client is published as a SNAPSHOT for now.
But it should be available with the next release of 6.0 and 5.6.

I can't give a date though.

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