Can we connect one Logstash node with Both Licensed & Open source elastic stack?

Hi All,

I would like to understand, If we can connect one Logstash node with Both Licensed & Open source elasticsearch nodes at a time ?

currently we are using licensed elasticsearch for centralized pipelined management, while we wanted to use the open source stack also with same logstash nodes for storing data and for some visualizations. will this be possible ?


Do you mean in the one pipeline/config? Or different ones?

Generally, sending data to two Elasticsearch clusters in one config/pipeline will work, but you might run into blocking if one of them is slower.
Sending them to different clusters in different configs is not a problem.

Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply.

Currently I am using one config (logstash.yml) to connect with elastic and use centralised pipeline from kibana.

I am not sure if I should add the configuration for other elastic in same .yml or use a different .yml

Actually, can we use 2 configurations (logstash.yml) with one logstasth service?

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