Can we control server memeroy (RAM) for Elastic search?

If I have 8GB RAM serave & I want to give only 4 GB to elastic is it posiile

You can control the size of the JVM heap, but Elasticsearch also uses off-heap memory and in addition to this and needs a good size operating system page cache available for optimum performance. It is recommended that you set the JVM heap size to half the avilable RAM. In your case the heap size would be 2GB if you are planning to set aside 4GB for Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch may look to be using more that 4GB RAM, but that is due to the page cache managed by the operating system. If other processes need this memory, the operating system will release it and leave less for Elasticsearch. If you want to more tighly reduce this you may need to use a container to restrict the resources available to Elasticsearch.

Thank you Christian for reply,
Currently we are using Sphinx in our system but we are facing issue with RAM, Sphinx use all available memory so our server performance go down,

To resolve this issue we are planning for Elastic, so is it can resolve our issue?

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