Can we edit Kibana's own fancy dashboards or make similar?

Is it possible to make pages like these ourselves in Kibana, i.e. these layouts, and the nice min/max/current views?

thanks in advance!

Hi @Mark_Duncan,

It is possible to develop you custom Kibana plugin that registers your custom app which you can code however you sit fit. You can use underlying Kibana's services to reuse some of the existing functionality.

If this is a possibility for your, you could start from here: External plugin development | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic

@Mark_Duncan Just to clarify what @dosant has said a bit more, the main reason we are suggesting custom plugin development is that the view you're seeing is not a standard Kibana dashboard, and is not customizable. If you aren't interested or able to develop a custom plugin, the most powerful built-in options are:

  • Vega for custom visualizations
  • Canvas which is a presentation tool with a powerful scripting system
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