Can we have default filter?

Is it possible to have a default filter that is hidden from dash board.
Mainly the need is as follows :-
we have key name area which have 4 different values (as A,B,C,D). So whenever user choose a given area in front end , it should redirect to dashboard showing data related to that given area only.


You cannot have a hidden filter but these are some ways of achieving this in Kibana right now.
You can create a markdown visualization in which Key name area can have 4 lines - a b c d and they can all have linked dashboards. And when user clicks on them - they get redirected to that dashboard. Here is an example of a metricbeat dashboard - when user clicks on system overview or host overview or Container overview - user gets redirected to different dashboards

You can also create drilldowns on area names to redirect the user - Create custom dashboard actions | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic


Thank you! it work for me.

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