Can we have multiple destinations in one jms plugin in logstash cofiguration?

So my requirement is want to insert multiple destination name in one JMS plugin. Writing multiple JMS input plugin for more than 1 destination is bit hectic.

So, how can we achieve this with one single jms input plugin.

as destination is accept only string filed. I was trying to insert like below:

[2023-05-31T14:00:21,882][ERROR][logstash.inputs.jms ] Invalid setting for jms input plugin:

input {
jms {
# This setting must be a string
# Expected string, got ["", "mnc.det"]
destination => ["", "mnc.det"]

I understand it will not run.

But is there any way to achieve this solution.

Thanks & Regards,

That is not possible. You will have to use multiple plugins.

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