Can we use filebeat to send data to AWS elasticsearch service?

I am trying to send log data of my nginx server to AWS elasticsearch service. i am done with the changes in filebeat.yml file and then run the command "filebeat setup" but then i got the error like " Overwriting ILM policy is disabled. Set setup.ilm.overwrite: true for enabling.

Exiting: request checking for ILM availability failed: 401 Unauthorized: {"Message":"Your request: '/_xpack' is not allowed."}
". So can anyone please help me to come out of this error?

Hi, Looks like you have made changes to the default index name (filebeat*). Which means you need to enable the default ILM config to be overridden by setting setup.ilm.overwrite to true.

Hi, i did not made any changes to the index i left them as default. But as you said i made setup.ilm.overwrite to true but hen also the same error is repeated as mentiond above


AWS Elasticsearch Service does not supports ILM. You need to completely disable it with setup.ilm.enabled: false.

I think that you need to download this version:

BTW did you look at Cloud by Elastic, also available if needed from AWS Marketplace ?

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