Can we visualize opentelemetry data in Kibana?

We are using Opentelemetry agent for python stack. Can we visualize Opentelemetry data in Kibana?

If Yes, which version it supports?

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Yes, we support ingesting OpenTelemetry traces and metrics in Elastic APM: OpenTelemetry integration | APM Overview [7.13] | Elastic

Any version of the opentelemetry-python SDK from 1.0.0 onwards should be fine.

We are just logging opentelemetry trace/span logs to elastic search. Can we visualize traces in Kibana?

If you want to use the APM UI to visualise traces, then they need to have been indexed with a specific schema. If you just want to visualise the events in Kibana in any way, you can use more general purpose Kibana features such as Discover, Lens, etc.

It is possible to hand craft the schema expected by APM UI with logs, but we do not have any docs explaining how to do that and you are going to miss out on some UI functionality. For best results you should export traces to Elastic APM Server as described in the docs I linked above.

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Thank you.

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