Can word spacing support and or relationship

query_string case:
((a|b)+(c|d))~10 ==> ((a+c)~10)|((a+d)~10)|((b+c)~10)|((b+d)~10)
Can this be true,What should I do if I want to do this.

Can you clarify what you mean here, it's not clear what this has to do with a query_string query.

"query": " +(+(keys:"a" keys:"b") +(keys:"c" keys:"d"))~10", Word spacing does not take effect。

I want C or D to appear at the same time as a, so that the word spacing of a and C is 10, or the word spacing of a and D is 10. query_string How to achieve this.

Hi. Span or interval queries support this but require JSON syntax.

Combination number is 1000,Using span or interval, the generated statement is too long and the execution consumes too much CPU

I hope this part of the work is implemented by the query parser

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