Can X-pack help in achieving full multi-tennat environment

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HI Team,

We have requirement to setup ELK chain , which will be consumed by different internal projects in our organization. As what I got from x-pack documentation, we can achieve multi-tennacy through it at ElasticSearch & Kibana level..

What about logstash ? Can we create multiple users for Logstash authetication as well using x-pack or similar tool..

Idea we thinking of to have 4-5 users created to authenticate at logstash level, & then using logstash custom routing enrich the document for the tenant using the ID that strikes at logstash .. followed by forwarding it to elasticsearch specific shards or index.

If this approach not feasible, any other possible way?

(Mark Walkom) #2

You can do that with pipelines and centralised management :slight_smile:

(Atul Kumar) #3

Thankyou Mark for the quick response.. Could you please elaborate bit detail on pipelines and centralized management , what could be the rough architecture or way to achieve..

(Mark Walkom) #4 has a a fair bit on the topic.

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