Can you confirm this is false positive?

Could you please check this file, as I think it is a false detection. his file has been falsely detected as malware
link for the issue :

File to Analyse : ValidationEngine.exe

MD5: 8e606159afdf7900ee6610996cfa9c7c

SHA-1: d5c324b12d8ac93ddc1b82d1da498f8367e66bed

SHA-256: 4f8248e9f80ce5c367f75956a2f6b77262e72964a074b3543bb57a645da0e761

Can you please confirm if this is FP and also update in Virus Total as well?

Hello, please follow the process described at Submitting False Positives and we can take care of it. I agree that it's a false positive.



Sure. Sent an email.

Thanks for confirming.

Can I know when it will reflect in VT?

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