False Positive Report

Hi, we followed your advice and forwarded a false positive report to fp_reports@elastic.co but have not received any response. Pls advise:

Filename: mavwin_8_35_0_9.exe

Hash (SHA256): 3987CB0CCDD1FABB879AF8E59EB847E1042232DE01C6B5C18118B238FE9EB0DF

VirusTotal: VirusTotal

Company Name: Actelis Networks

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Hi Christian - We got the report. We handle them in batches approximately every two weeks. We expect to resolve the issue by mid-week next week. Thanks!


Hello Mark, many thanks for your help. Our application is still identified as malicious but I guess it will take a little more time to be updated.

Many Thanks!


Hello Mark, our application is still identified as malicious. When can we expect that this false positive report is fixed?

Many thanks!


Hi Christian

Unfortunately we're bumping in a bug in our Virustotal scanner which is taking longer than expected to deal with.

Our actual Endpoint product does not call the file malicious or block it. The issue is only with the standalone scanner in VT.

Sorry for the delay, we are working on it.


Hi again Christian

Believe we've taken care of the problem in VT. Thanks again for your patience!


Hello Mark,

many thanks, looks all good now.

Many thanks


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