Can You Create Calendar Charts Using Kibana 4.1?

Dear Kibana Experts,

I'm new to Kibana and have been working on a project in which along with different built-in Kibana charts (pie, tile, line, etc.), I would also have to make a Calendar Chart with the data (both analyzed and not_analyzed). A calendar chart may have, for example, monthly/yearly/weekly calendar view, colored cells (different colors representing different legends, or maybe summary of other fields). When moving the cursor on a particular date or clicking it, it should ideally show the summary of the fields related to that date and expand on it (respectively). I have attached a few sample calendar charts (found online) which come close to what I may want to do with my data. Again, the data could be real-time resting in a server or be static. Regardless, please let me know whether such calendar visualization is possible using Kibana 4.1.

p.s. I am using ELK with a view to analyzing and visualizing different server logs, sys logs, real-time as well as static data.

Thank you.

Ahmad M

Not currently, but it's a very interesting idea!

You may wish to track progress of this Gihub issue, as the heatmap visualization looks a bit like the bottom views you referenced:

Just checked the issue; an interesting conversation indeed!