Can you help me resolve config elasticsearch.yml create analyzer?

Sorry for my newbie question , i have one issue in elasticsearch 1.7.3
i want creat new analyzer use this
after install plugin kuromoji,
i tried config in elasticsearch.yml

index.analysis.analyzer.default.type: kuromoji
index.analysis.analyzer.default.tokenizer: kuromoji_tokenizer
index.analysis.analyzer.default.filter: ["romaji_readingform"]
index.analysis.analyzer.default.filter.romaji_readingform:["use_romaji : true"]

but if i tried input like example "TokenFilter : kuromoji_readingform" with input "寿司" , it not show what plugin will show is "スシ" and "sushi". In my opnion, i wrong config, but i search more in google and i still dont know how to fix it.

Please help me fix elasticsearch.yml :smile:
Thanks you very much !

Well. Not speaking Japanese so I can't really help here. May be you could open the same thread on so people might help you better there?

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