Cannot compute used swap when total swap is 0 and free swap is 0 : Elastic Search 6.8.21

Hi All,

We have moved up into the version of Elasticsearch 6.8.21

We are getting logs of this continuously

2021-12-16T21:16:19,858][WARN ][o.e.m.o.O.Swap           ] [BLAH] cannot compute used swap when total swap is 0 and free swap is 0

Is there a setting I need to enable to get rid of this WARN. It looks like from search on here I can safely ignore. But any help on getting rid of it would be great.

Many thanks for any help.

I am pretty much in the exact same position - we were on 6.8.12 today, but updated due to Log4J madness... now on fresh 6.8.21, cluster is green but all 3 of my data nodes are showing this same "warning".
I am also understanding we can ignore it, in a later Github PR for elastic they change this to a 'debug' - Change severity of negative stats messages from WARN to DEBUG by danhermann · Pull Request #60375 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

replying to follow this thread, to either find out if we can do anything about this, or to report it here once i find out.

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