Cannot Create A Cluster in Vmware ElasticSearch 5.6.5

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Im trying to Create a Cluster between some virtual Machines inside Vmware. Elasticsaerch is running on both machines and i have changes the config files as but still no success. here are my config files:
http.port: 9200 ["", ""]
http.port: 9200 ["", ""]
i checked the logs files and they can't discover each other
I also disables firewall on both machines
P.S Both machines can ping each other

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Could you share the logs? Nothing looks wrong.

Make sure port 9300 is opened, like try to telnet on port 9300 from one machine to another.

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[root@localhost elasticsearch]# telnet 9300
telnet: connect to address No route to host
[root@localhost elasticsearch]#

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So you need to fix that.

This is outside the scope of elasticsearch.
But I believe that your VMs must expose public IPs somewhat. And that you should use those.

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