Cannot create custom track

I've tried to create my track for rally, step by step based on (
But already at step esrally list tracks --track-path=~/rally-tracks/tutorial I've faced error:
"[ERROR] Cannot list. ('Track 'rally-tracks' is invalid.\n\nError details: 'description..."

2017-12-13 14:18:07,488 PID:761 root ERROR Cannot run subcommand [list].
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/anm/lib/python3.5/site-packages/esrally/track/", line 499, in read
jsonschema.validate(track_spec, self.track_schema)
File "/home/anm/lib/python3.5/site-packages/jsonschema/", line 478, in validate
cls(schema, *args, **kwargs).validate(instance)
File "/home/anm/lib/python3.5/site-packages/jsonschema/", line 123, in validate
raise error
jsonschema.exceptions.ValidationError: 'operations' is a required property

Failed validating 'required' in schema:
    {'$schema': '',

I suppose, for some reason track.json is not matched with schema..but I've tried with examples from official docs.

Which Rally version are you using? You can check this with esrally --version.

Please note that the "stable" docs are for the most-recent released version of Rally, i.e. 0.8.1 at the moment and the track syntax changes slightly per release.

Yep, I've found similar issue in other post. Upgraded version. Now I'm trying to run it, but I've faced that

[INFO] Preparing for race ...
[INFO] Rally will delete the benchmark candidate after the benchmark
[INFO] Racing on track [rally-tracks], challenge [index-and-query] and car ['defaults'] with version [7.0.0-alpha1].

[ERROR] Cannot race. ('Could not prepare track', /home/anm/rally-tracks/documents.json is missing and it cannot be downloaded because no source URL is provided in the track.)

Strange thing is documents.json is there...
In track.json:
"documents": "documents.json",

Please double-check that you have specified the correct number of documents and the correct file size in the track (document-count and uncompressed-bytes). The error message is misleading in that case and we'll improve it in the next version of Rally.

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Perfect! thank you much! its working now

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