Cannot create new Index in Elastic 6.5.1

I m new bie in Elastic

I have issue in stack overlfow

cannot create crud (insert, update) using java and mysql.

i have taken help from article

can anyone tell why i cannot import these pkg in 6.5.1

import org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchException;
import org.elasticsearch.action.index.IndexRequest;
import org.elasticsearch.action.index.IndexResponse;

Eclipse is giving error

The import org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchException cannot be resolved

But in tutorial sample code is not mentioned,.

any suggestion most wlecome.

Another Solution i tried
in pom,xml

org.elasticsearch.action elasticsearch-index-request 6.5.1 compile

but after compiling its giving error
Missing artifact org.elasticsearch.action:elasticsearch-index-request:jar:6.5.1

can anyone suggest why IndexRequest package is not working in 6.5.1 pom.xml

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