Cannot Delete Space?

I cannot delete any space. There are two notifications that pop up:

"Error Deleting Space:"

"Deleted "Name_of_Space" space."

Yet the space still remains.

I looked for the error in the kibana.log did not find anything.

So I am using a NGINX reverse proxy and this seems to be causing issues with the request to delete the space as it works normally when not going through the proxy...

I guess the spaces features has some issues with reverse proxies at this point maybe?

This is what I see in the console in the developer tools:

DELETE https://localhost:8443/kibana/api/spaces/space/eace 405 (Not Allowed)

cc @Larry_Gregory can u plz take a look at this ?


Hey @Matt_Vasquez, are you trying to delete the space using the "Dev Tools" application in Kibana? If so, Dev Tools is currently only for Elasticsearch APIs, so it won't work with Kibana APIs, and you'll want to use a client similar to CURL with the Kibana APIs.

No I'm trying to delete from spaces page. When I said developer tools, I meant for Chrome.. Sorry for the confusion..

@Matt_Vasquez, would you mind setting the following in you kibana.yml true, restarting Kibana, and then trying to delete the space again?

If you wouldn't mind attaching your Kibana logs from this time period, it should help us diagnose the issue that you're experiencing.

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