Cannot disable security in 8.1

I need Elasticsearch without any security. In 7.17 it was enough to set false, but in 8.1.0 got error on startup:
org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchSecurityException: invalid configuration for - [] is not set, but the following settings have been configured in elasticsearch.yml : [,]
but my Elasticsearch.yml is pretty simple test test1 /var/lib/Elasticsearch
path.logs: /var/log/Elasticsearch
http.port: 80 false

Please help

Hi there, as you have figured out, security features are enabled and configured by default. We strongly suggest that you keep it this way so that your data are protected. If this doesn't fit your use case and you still want to disable security, you can

Before starting Elasticsearch for the first time

Set false and then start Elasticsearch

After you have started Elasticsearch for the first time

You have two options here

  1. Set false false false

    and then start Elasticsearch.

  2. Run

    bin/elasticsearch-keystore remove
    bin/elasticsearch-keystore remove
    bin/elasticsearch-keystore remove

    Set false

    and then start Elasticsearch.

Thanks. First step fixed startup for me

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