Cannot display Logstash pipeline in Monitoring UI

Hi, I've enabled monitoring of my Logstash instance by following the instructions here: Collect Logstash monitoring data with Metricbeatedit. I can see all the collected metrics in the Kibana Stack Monitoring UI, except for the pipeline stats of Logstash. What I get there is an empty page with a neverending loading spinner. Also, when checking with the DevTools console, I can see the following error:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'graph' of undefined
    at Config.update (monitoring.chunk.1.js:3)
    at PipelineState.update (monitoring.chunk.1.js:3)
    at new PipelineState (monitoring.chunk.1.js:3)
    at monitoring.chunk.1.js:3
    at c.$digest (kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:426)
    at c.$apply (kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:426)
    at monitoring.chunk.1.js:3

The whole Elastic stack is v7.10.
Any idea? Thanks in advance

I opened an issue in elastic/kibana:
will keep you posted :slight_smile:

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